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Breakfast for Dinner (or for Breakfast): Brioche French Toast w/ Local Bacon

Ready in 30 Minutes

Unpack Your Kit Ingredients


local brioche bread (Farm to Market Bread Co.)
organic milk
heavy whipping cream
cutie orange
cinnamon stick
vanilla bean
local eggs (Good Natured Family Farms)
powdered sugar
local maple syrup (Good Natured Family Farms)
local bacon (Circle B Ranch)
local bloody mary mix (Circle B Ranch)


  • 1 shot vodka (our friends at E. & J. Gallo Winery recommend New Amsterdam Vodka)
  • 3-4 oz local bloody mary mix
  • 3-4 oz water
  • your favorite add-ins!

Grab Your Cookware and Staples

paring knife
cutting board
medium stockpot
liquid measuring cup
baking dish (3 quart/9x13 in)
non-stick spray
medium bowl
baking sheet 

Step 1: Prepare the Custard

PREHEAT the oven to 375 degrees.

PEEL the cutie orange and set peel aside. (Since we’re only using the peel for this recipe, share that cutie orange with some cuties for an appetizer for the best french toast you’ve ever tasted.)

SLICE vanilla bean in half with sharp paring knife on cutting board and scrape out seeds.

HEAT milk, heavy whipping cream, orange peel, cinnamon stick, vanilla bean and seeds in a medium stock pot over medium-high heat.

SIMMER until mixture comes to a boil, about 5 minutes.

REMOVE from heat and strain into liquid measuring cup, discarding vanilla bean pod, orange peel, and cinnamon stick. 


1. With a sharp paring knife, cut down the center of the vanilla bean, trying not to slice completely through the pod.

2. Peel the sides of the pod outward and run the side of the knife down the pod to scrape out the tiny, sticky vanilla seeds.

Step 2: Get the Baking Dish Ready

SPRAY baking dish with non-stick spray and lay brioche bread slices flat in dish.

WHISK eggs and granulated sugar in medium bowl. Add milk mixture into bowl while whisking. (Make sure you get all of the vanilla bean goodness in there!)

POUR mixture over bread, covering fully. 

Step 3: Oven Time

PLACE baking dish on middle rack of oven.

ARRANGE local bacon on baking sheet and put on top rack to cook simultaneously with french toast.

BAKE at 375 degrees for 20 minutes or until custard is set and golden brown.

REMOVE from oven.

SERVE french toast with desired amount of butter, powdered sugar, and local maple syrup.

ENJOY with a bloody mary. See Chef K’s recipe at the top! 

★TIP: Please recycle your dinner kit packaging. Our containers are compostable and made from plant-based materials.

Drink Pairings

Spirit: New Amsterdam Vodka
Filtered three times and 5-times distilled from the finest grains, this 80-proof vodka is so smooth you can create a perfect cocktail or drink it straight.

Beer: Boulevard Jam Band
Accompanying a simple malt base, blueberry, raspberry and tart cherry play in perfect harmony to create a slightly tart ale that sings with ripe, bursting fruit flavor.

Breakfast for Dinner Pairings.png

Good Food for Real People

At Happy Food Co., we source our ingredients from the finest local and regional suppliers so you can feel great about what you’re putting on the table.

We know that eating well is important to you, and we’re delighted to be part of your evening dinner. Hope you enjoy this meal as much as we loved designing it for you.

— Chef K


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