Gluten-free diet plans help those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Gluten is a protein found in grains such as wheat, barley and rye.


The meals kits in this section already meet the requirements of a Gluten-Free dietary plan.


The meal kits in the section below will meet the requirements of a Gluten-Free dietary plan with the modification(s) listed.

Baked Orzo

  • Omit orzo

    • Substitute options: rice or gluten-free pasta

  • Omit rolls

Beef Harvest Soup

  • Omit rice and rolls

    • Substitution options: cauliflower rice, sweet or white potatoes

Better than Ever Sloppy Joe’s

  • Omit flatbread

    • Substitution options: gluten-free bread

Bison Chili

Enjoy the chili! It’s gluten-free.

  • Omit pumpkin loaf

Bison Cheeseburger Quesadilla

  • Omit flour tortilla

    • Eat without or substitution options: corn tortilla

Breakfast for Dinner

  • Omit brioche bread

    • Substitution options: gluten-free bread

Butter Basted Salmon

  • Omit rice medley

    • Substitution options: cauliflower rice, sweet or white potatoes

Fiesta Cheesy Corn Soup

  • Omit croutons

    • Substitute options: gluten-free croutons

  • Omit banana bread

    • Substitute options: gluten-free dessert

Fish Tacos

Omit tortilla

  • Substitute options: corn tortilla or other gluten-free tortilla

Green Garden Salad

  • Omit HFCo breading mix

    • Substitution options: gluten-free breading. Consider baking or grilling chicken

Lemon Herb Chicken

  • Omit orzo

    • Substitution options: cauliflower rice, or other gluten-free side such as sweet or white potato and/or veggies

Pan-Seared Tilapia

  • Omit HFCo Panko herb mix, flour, and parmesan

    • Substitution options: Grill or fry without breading. Use own seasonings as desired.

Pizza Flatbread Duo: Tomato Pesto & BBQ Chicken

  • Omit flatbread

    • Substitution options: gluten-free pizza crust

Sausage & Shrimp Jamabalya

  • Omit wheat flour

    • Substitution options: gluten-free flour

  • Omit Black Pearl Medley (contains wheat)

    • Substitution options: rice

Spicy Broccoli & Chicken Stir-Fry

  • Omit hoisin sauce (contains soy and wheat)

    • Substitution options: coconut aminos or other gluten-free seasoning

  • Omit fortune cookie

    • Just read your fortune! Don’t eat the cookie.

Summer Rolls

  • Omit soy sauce and Asian BBQ sauce

    • Substitution options: gluten-free soy sauce or other gluten-free Asian sauce

  • Omit soba noodles

    • Substitution options: gluten-free noodles