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Welcome Happy Food Co. fans to our March Meal Kit Madness contest!

This month we’ll be taking meal kit ideas from YOU and letting YOU vote on your favorite to become the MARCH MEAL KIT MADNESS WINNER!

So get your forks and spoons ready and tell us what meal you would like to see us sprinkle our magic on and deliver to your local grocery store!  

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Each Flavorful Four Bracket Winner (with the exception of the Grand Prize Winner) will win a Happy Food Co. 2-serving gift certificate and a free March Meal Kit Madness Party Kit. 

  1. Your meal kit idea should have a main meal suggestion along with a side complement suggestion.
    For example:
    Main: pulled pork mac & cheese
    Side: garlic green beans

  2. Meal kit ideas must be different from what we currently have on our menu.

  3. Meal kit idea should be creative. Think of flavors that might not be the "norm", but could go great together!

  4. Meal kit idea should be meals that are fairly simple to make and can be made in less than 45 minutes.

  1. One meal kit idea per submission form. You can enter multiple meal kit ideas.

  2. You must submit your name, and a valid phone number and email address in order for your submission to be considered.


The March Meal Kit Madness Winner will win two Happy Food Co. 2-serving gift certificates, a free March Meal Kit Madness Party Kit, two free boxes of their meal kit when it is developed this summer, and their name and image will be featured on social media and instructions. We will also host a meet-and-greet at our production facility with our very own Chef K!


Once all meal ideas are submitted, the Happy Food Co. team will decide on the top four meal kit ideas. Ideas will be judged on appeal, originality (different from our current menu), feasibility to develop a recipe for our customers and to source with local products. We reserve the right to revise your meal kit idea as necessary to include different or additional ingredients to make the meal more appealing or healthier for our customer.

  1. We ask that you only vote for your favorite meal (one meal out of the options).

  2. You are allowed to vote for that meal multiple times until voting closes.