L I M I T E D    E D I T I O N


Bring some happy to your next party!

All our party kits are hand-picked from our favorite local vendors by our lovely Chef K.

Just think of it as a box of our favorite local things.


Find one in a retail location near you or for pick up at our Cedar Creek location!

Game Day Party Kit.jpg


$60   |   6+ serving
(over $75 retail value)

All of your favorites from our original Party Kits in one box!

 - Parmesan Cheese Crostini (Hen House)
- Matzo Crackers (The Matzo Project)
- Feta & Sundried Tomato Dip (Mo's)
Citron Fromage Blanc (Somerset Ridge Winery & Skyview Creamery)
- Edamame Dip (Soy Zen Zay)
- Buffalo Hummus (The Hummus Co)
- KC BBQ Smoked Almonds (Thez Nuts)
- Cinnamon Glazed Pecans (Thez Nuts)
- Zesty Bison Snack Sticks (New Grass Bison)
- Bison Summer Sausage (New Grass Bison)
German Quark Cheese (Hemme Brothers Farmstead Creamery)
- Tank 7 Cheddar Cheese (Jisa's Farmstead Creamery)
- Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips (Food Should Taste Good)
- Prosciutto

Vday Cookie Kit 16x9-1.jpg


$36   |    6+ serving

- 12 Sugar Cookies
- Buttercream Frosting

- Valentine Sprinkles
- Pink Decorating Sugar

- Piping Bags

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