Food is personal - from buying to cooking to eating it. It represents who and what is most important to us, yet dinner tables are empty now more than ever because real people need meals to be easy.

Happy Food Co is driving personal relationships with food by adding convenience and ease as the main ingredients to the home cooked meal. We're partnering with grocers and food retailers to close the gap between ingredients on the shelf and great meals on the table.

Partner Benefits

We have deep experience selling farm-to-table meal kits inside retail and our turn-key service is designed to integrate your operations so you can be up and running in no-time with a high-margin, cutting edge solution for your customers.


Drive Sales
Increase new and incremental sales through innovation and service excellence.

Build Loyalty
Guaranteed home cooking experiences that keep them coming back for more.

Promote Brand Awareness
Farm-to-table meal kits from local grocers they love and trust.

Provide a Premium Service
Minimize capital investment to implement program and maximize ROI.

Why Happy Food Company?

From restaurant-quality meals, to our unique supply solution, our experience and vision puts your service at the front of the customer experience. 


Diverse Menu
Meals include different meat, seafood, and vegetarian options that range from American classic comfort foods to flavorful ethnic cuisines. 

Complete Culinary Coverage
Over 50 market-verified meals with a meal pipeline in continuous development. 

Multiple Service Options

  • Platform System
  • Retail Direct
  • Wholesale

Localized to Your Market

Any meal. Any time. How great would that be? To be a true concierge to the personal tastes and dietary needs of your customers. That's what we're building and the power of our platform. We offer a new business capability that can flex to your needs, not just another product on the shelf. 


Our platform system is designed to flex with each of our partners needs.

We can integrate your local food supply into our platform system.

Curated Menu
Our extensive menu can be curated to fit your customers’ dietary, health and wellness needs.

Smart Kitting System

Access a comprehensive supply of small-pack ingredients, kitted perfectly to meal specifications and delivered to your stores or central commissary. 


Built from experience and designed to integrate into grocery operations.

Any Meal, Any Time
Partners get total flexibility to serve their diverse customer needs.

Strategic Supply+
Unique supply solution to minimize labor and maximize selection + sales.

Powered by Technology

Comprehensive software to deliver margin by driving sales while controlling service costs, quality and labor. 


Innovation Roadmap to Operate, Drive Sales & Elevate Your Customer Experiences

  • Optimize operations, inventory and meal selection.
  • Integrate into your omni-channel strategy to engage customers on their terms.
  • Curate the digital customer experience from your stores to their tables.
  • Personalize to your customers’ dietary, health and wellness needs.


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