Customer Testimonials

I appreciate so much that you provided ‘prepared’ ingredients so that I don’t have to spend a ton
of time chopping and prepping before actually getting to the cooking !! You far exceed other, more expensive, meal delivery plans in that way. Will keep buying yours !!
— P. Rooney
All of the meals we have tried have been delicious and easy to prepare. My wife and I have even picked up a few cooking tips. I highly recommended Happy Food Co!
— D. Lee
We have tried four or five meals and loved every one. My only complaint is the fridge at my local grocery store empties too quickly! We make these at least once per week and love that our 12 and 14 yo get excited about making them. These are a major lifesaver for busy families!
— L. Miller-Weis
I picked up the fettuccine and meatball with apple crisp at Price Chopper on a whim since I didn’t have any meal for NY day. It was a hit with the whole family.
— B. Seidel
The meals that Happy Food Company sells at Price Chopper are wonderful! No more boring dinners every night! Thank you for stepping up my cooking game.
— C. Dunlap
Love, love, love all the food box meals!
— S. Jury
I had two Happy Good Co meals just before Christmas. Definitely the two best meals I have ever made...(can I really take credit?) The sea bass was awesome and it was followed by the chorizo bowl which may have even been better!

The best part was I made two gourmet meals without being overwhelmed. It was 20-25 minutes of work but it is so clearly laid out that it could be “gourmet for dummies!”

I can’t wait to pick a new one. I have a feeling that I am going to have a new favorite ever time I team up with Happy Food Co to make a meal!!!
— K. McLiney
Tried my first Happy Food [Co.] Meal and it was super easy and delicious!!! Even my picky eater Husband loves it.
— S. Sitherwood
I got the Lemon Herb Chicken with Confetti Orzo Pasta for my first try and I loved it. I normally am not one to try new things but I just moved to the area and had a coworker that said she loved it so I decided to give it a try. I can’t wait to try something else.
— L. Ozley
Tried our first meal kit and it was delicious!! Very easy to prepare too!
— S. Deppen