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Valentine Cookie Decorating Party Kit


What You Have

12 sugar cookies
buttercream icing
valentine sprinkles
pink decorating sugar
piping bags

What You Need

small bowls
powdered sugar (optional)
offset spatula or butter knife
wax paper or parchment paper

Step 1

ARRANGE the sugar cookies you plan to decorate on a clean work surface.

Vday Cookie Kit Instructions-1.jpg

Step 2

OPEN buttercream icing containers and empty into small bowls. Mix well until smooth/consistency of toothpaste.

If it is too runny, add 1 tsp of powdered sugar at a time and stir.

If it is too stiff, add one drop of water and stir.

Vday Cookie Kit Instructions-2.jpg

Step 3

MIX red + white icing to make more pink icing if you like!

Vday Cookie Kit Instructions-3.jpg

Step 4

SPREAD icing on cookies with knife/spatula.

Vday Cookie Kit Instructions-4.jpg

Step 5

SPOON remaining icing into piping bags and secure with twist tie or rubber band.

CLIP (carefully!) a tiny tip off the pointed end of bag.

Cookie Party Kit-5.jpg

Step 6

PLACE sheet of wax/parchment paper under cookie.

DECORATE cookies with icing, valentine sprinkles and pink decorating sugar

Vday Cookie Kit Instructions-6.jpg

Vday Cookie Kit Instructions-7.jpg

Step 7

ENJOY and eat your cookies or
SAVE them as a gift!

✵TIP: Allow cookies to dry overnight if giving as gifts.

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